Power Electronics Simulations

    A robust design calls for a very well analyzed validation. All our designs are augmented and verified on simulation platforms like MATLAB, SPICE, PSIM. This approach paves way for a fool proof design and helps tremendously during RCA.

    Verfication of a design prior to committing to hardware is necessary to avoid unexpected surprises during board bringup.  Simulations expedite the understanding of the problem that are not very obvious.

    We at INNERVE believe that investing quality time at the design Board level saves a lot of time later during bring-up and debugging.

    We can apply SPICE analysis and electric circuit simulation and Matlab @ system level to your designs before committing to hardware

    Benefits of electric circuit simulation:

    • Paper design verification prior to committing to prototype builds.
    • Design review analysis.
    • Studying effects of circuit parameters.
    • Gives the ability to quickly study the effects of circuit changes.
    • Test novel concepts for feasibility, with the ability to make and test rapid changes to the design.
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